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The Soul Map Project

"The Soul Map" Project has become so special for me. I wanted to design my own fabrics for a long time.

It is such a joy! The whole process (all stages) is a pure very satisfying magic.

This project started with a spontaneous and quick sketch using markers (see the last slide). Well it is actually how all my projects start like a super bright flash in my head and I get an immediate urge to capture the moment. 

Then a few months later I redrew it with gouache (see "the original painting" slide).

One of my friends suggested a name for the painting "The Soul Map" and yes, the name was just perfect.

Of course! The Soul Map! 

The painting reflects how any soul is growing with time, gaining strength and blossoming, which is always beautiful to watch, isn't it?

Later on I had decided to develop "The Soul Map" more and drew a series of pictures in a folk art theme. There are repetitive floral elements, the same colour scheme and uplifting mood throughout the whole project.

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